Sworn is a web serial. It’s set in a low magic fantasy setting very loosely based upon Albania, the Balkans and Mediterranean culture.

I will publish a new chapter every Saturday night. If the writing will start flowing I might add another weekly update.

There is and will be violence and explicit depiction of sexuality in this story. If this bothers you, be forewarned. The setting of the story is also deeply misogynistic and patriarchal. I, of course, do not condone that, but it is essential for the story. I can understand if it makes someone uncomfortable. Be forewarned.

About language: I am not a native English speaker. I think my English is pretty good but if at times you encounter some strange or simply wrong use of language please, by all means, comment on it. I am working hard on improving.

Please read the rest of the “about” section only after reading the first chapter.


Did you read it?

Was it any good?

Sworn tells the story of Romial, a young man who you might consider a transgender man in today’s terms (it’s important to state that he isn’t actually a transgender man, as he lives in a totally different society and with totally different social and psychological expectations than the ones in which transgender men exist). In the world of the story he is part of a small class of people called Akrusia who were assigned female at birth yet are treated by society as men after swearing an oath of celibacy.

The story follows his struggle with the norms of his society and his relationship with Otmakla, a fellow Akrusia from a rival family.

As noted earlier, the setting of the story is very loosely based upon Albania and the Balkans. You can check out these amazing photos of the sworn virgins of Albania, the main inspiration for the Akrusia.