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Chapter 6

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Bujare sat by her husband’s bed. He was dying. He was dying for the last year and a half, but death seemed to be around the corner now. She didn’t want to leave his side.

She looked at Gjergj’s face. She remembered his bright young face when they first met. He had sharp and witty eyes and a smiling mouth under his thick mustachio. And those features stayed with him as he grew old. The wit and the generous spirit. Stayed, at least until their daughter Rozafati was murdered. He was already sick before that, but her death made many of his defenses crumble.

Now he lay, hardly breathing, looking like a child in the blankets – he shrunk so much from the sickness. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter 1

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She was frightened. Her father wanted her married and her options were very few. It was a grave matter of family honor – her family’s and the prospective bridegroom’s – whatever she decided.

And, as always, when honor was on the line, so was blood.

She looked out of the window, near her cot in the attic, at the green Herian valley under her family household. A beloved view. This view, at least out of this vantage point, will have to stay behind. Whatever comes to pass she will have to leave these known women quarters promptly.


There was going to be a raid tonight and Romial was excited and nervous. He was only out on one raid before and witnessed very little of the violence, let alone took part in it. That raid ended only with a beaten and humiliated opponent. This one was different. This was an act of war. A war Gjergj had already started with his actions and negligence, but nonetheless, the drawing of first blood still had significance. Read the rest of this entry »

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