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Chapter 10

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Otmakla felt numb. She was wide awake, aggressive and quick-moving in the night scenery, but she felt detached. Her house was crumbling around her. Her family. It was of no consolation that so was the Romjid house. She couldn’t stop the thought that she’s destroying both her and Romial’s families in one stroke. It was too horrifying to contemplate deeply.

She went on. There was no plan, no way to guide her people or change their course after the ambush. She walked slowly towards the Romjid household. Around her people killed and died. A man came at her, moving in a defensive stance, holding a long knife. He looked inexperienced. She walked on, then suddenly rolled forward in angle, slightly distancing herself from the Romjid man, picking up a long fallen branch and hitting his hand in a smooth motion as she rose. He lost grip of his knife. She closed the distance, and he raised his hands to protect his chest and face. She stabbed him in the stomach and retreated quickly, continuing her walk as he fell to the ground crying. The stomach wound almost guaranteed a slow death. She preferred the neck, but couldn’t take the chance. He was crying like a young boy. He probably was her own age. Maybe Preki cried that way when the Romjid killed him. She wanted to cry herself, but felt so far from it all, in a numb shell. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter 8

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It was three weeks since his last meeting with Otmakla. On their set meetings he couldn’t find a way to go alone to the cot. They had a mark that he would remove only if it was safe for them to meet. Now he just left it. He couldn’t go alone without being noticed.

THat afternoon Romjigan and Timotei gathered the men for a talk in the Romjid hall. Romial quickly understood he had to hide his emotion during it. Romjigan and Timotei were standing in the middle. Timotei worked up the crowd and Romjigan explained things carefully.

‘Soon enough life in the mountains will become impossible. We won’t have enough supplies to survive this winter, not while fending off all these refugees!’ Timotei howled. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter 5

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Romial stared at the strange people under him, trying to understand who they are.

They were eating apples from the orchards. The apples were unripe, but apparently these people were hungry enough to disregard that.

Perhaps they were bandits. Chirkid bandits made their way to the mountains from time to time to find refuge. But these men didn’t look Chirkid.

He pointed back the way he and Vasil came and they crawled in that direction silently, putting some distance between them and the strangers.

When he felt they went far enough to minimize the risk of being heard Romial whispered ‘we must warn my father. I don’t know what they’re doing here but even as weak as they look, with armor and swords they can cause serious trouble’. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter 2

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Almost a year had passed before Romial met Otmakil again. Although now there was no open feud between their houses, their houses weren’t allied either, and it was hard to believe that’ll change anytime soon after the way the last feud ended – though stranger things have happened. As it was, men of unallied houses had few reasons to meet other than commerce, and Romial had little to do with that.

A great wedding between Iordan, one of Romial’s cousins, and Nadiara, a girl of the Diarjid family, made the meeting possible, as the Stoyanjid were allied with the Diarjid.

Romial sighted Otmakil from afar early in what was going to be a very long day. Surprisingly, Otmakil looked very much like he did before being sworn. Of course, his hair was cut short and he wore a man’s vest, shirt and breeches, all ornamented in red and gold for the wedding, but he didn’t walk with the wide steps, the pulled back shoulders and the swagger of a man. It was common among new Akrusia to exaggerate those gestures for a while, until they found a balance that looked natural, but Otmakil seemed to do nothing more than the bare minimum – sitting with his knees parted, looking straight ahead at people without averting his eyes. Even those gestures seemed like things he may have done before being sworn. Furthermore, his clothing didn’t seem to hide the contours of his breasts as much as could be expected. Admittedly, Otmakil had more to hide than Romial. Read the rest of this entry »

Chapter 1

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She was frightened. Her father wanted her married and her options were very few. It was a grave matter of family honor – her family’s and the prospective bridegroom’s – whatever she decided.

And, as always, when honor was on the line, so was blood.

She looked out of the window, near her cot in the attic, at the green Herian valley under her family household. A beloved view. This view, at least out of this vantage point, will have to stay behind. Whatever comes to pass she will have to leave these known women quarters promptly.


There was going to be a raid tonight and Romial was excited and nervous. He was only out on one raid before and witnessed very little of the violence, let alone took part in it. That raid ended only with a beaten and humiliated opponent. This one was different. This was an act of war. A war Gjergj had already started with his actions and negligence, but nonetheless, the drawing of first blood still had significance. Read the rest of this entry »

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